Your hands-free binge buddy for books, iPads & eReaders!
Similar to a small beanbag, The Book Seat can mould and adjust to different angles and positions, while holding your book open and pages in place. Perfect for iPads and eReaders too! Encourages reading by physically enhancing the users’ experience, in a comfortable and relaxed way.

The ergonomic design of The Book Seat reduces strain associated with holding reading material by elevating text and enabling hands-free comfort.
For books & tablet devices of all kinds, the soft feel faux suede makes
The Book Seat a delight to get comfy with.

Lightweight and portable, The Book Seats adaptable body means that it can be used virtually everywhere!
A pocket on the back keeps glasses and accessories close by, with a
convenient handle atop for travel and storage.

Designed in Australia, this practical and original invention is the simple solution to comfortable reading that avid readers have been searching for.