Say goodbye to awkward reading positions with The Book Seat!
Lightweight & portable, The Book Seat holds your book in place with the pages open,
enabling a comfortable hands-free reading experience.
From small paperbacks to large hardbacks, The Book Seats unique page holder is adjustable, allowing it to accommodate different sized books. The Book Seats adaptable body moulds to your lap, the curved arm of a sofa, and even on an angle for curling up in bed. Simply flip down the page holder to turn the page over it, then flip it back up into place against the pages to continue reading.
Keep your reading accessories close by in the handy pocket on the back!
Also use The Book Seat for your iPad or eReader!
Read, watch and browse without having to awkwardly hold your tablet.
Simply sit your device on The Book Seat using the clear stabiliser to hold it in place. Keep your reading accessories close-by in the handy pocket on the back.
The unique shape and design reduces direct contact with the back of your device, allowing for a ventilation path.
Benefits include avoiding 'pad neck' by elevating the screen for you.